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GridMate - a suite of lightning components enhanced to fit the needs of our Salesforce community to simplify the complex data management by yielding an actionable UI/UX by leveraging your existing metadata
We're on a mission to separate users from their spreadsheets and uncover ways to increase
🚀 Salesforce performance of organizations 🚀
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✏️ Inline Editing

Enable inline editing for any object in your organization for any related list or list view.

Copy-paste data from your Excel or CSV files.

All Salesforce fields are supported by GridMate.

🗂 Mass Actions

Mass create, clone, delete, emailing, and approval.

Trigger your quick actions and flows from the grid just by configuration.

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😎 End-user Friendly

Display inline related grids and parent records. 

Define your own filters, sorting criteria, and column to freeze.


Export your data grids into an Excel or a CSV file.

The Experienced
See what people are saying...
Powerful grid editing tool and excellent customer support

"This tool is extremely useful to my clients. It's easy to customize, and the inline editing works very well. The nonprofit discount is very much appreciated!

The items that really stand out are the customer support and the development team. The teams are very friendly and responsive, and they are open to suggestions for enhancements...even making some changes quickly to satisfy requests."

Great Tool, Great Support

"Great tool to encourage your users to adopt Salesforce, by keeping the ease of use of a spreadsheet.

Our experience of Gridmate has been fantastic, from the quality of the product, to the responsiveness of support in addressing any issues we have encountered, to their support of us a non-profit. Really can't recommend them enough, they've been brilliant!."

Lightning Elevated

"Its one thing to Feel the Electricity of the Salesforce Lightning experience. Its quite another to See the Light by adding GridMate on top of the data layer. Lightning reduces the number of clicks to arrive at your destination.


GridMate eliminates the travel time entirely. Remove the detours and limitations Lightning requires. See the data GridMate delivers, everywhere you are, anytime you want. If Lightning is a stroke a energy, then GridMate is a stroke of genius! And their unbelievable Help Desk . . . simply second to none!"

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